November Special!

Winter is Comming!

$79.00 Furnace Startup

Furnance Start up includes:

Cooler shutdown

Furnance Startup

Carbonmonoxide Test

Basic Furnance Inspection

Furnance Performance Test Additional $69.00

32 Point inspection, check & Clean:

  1. Start unit
  2. Inspect flue and diverter
  3. clean interior of vestibule
  4. clean pilot assembly
  5. adjust pilot 
  6. check thermocouple
  7. clean burners
  8. adjust burners for increased fuel efficiency & fuel savings
  9. set gas manifold pressure
  10. set burner air adjustment
  11. check gas valve operation
  12. test for gas leaks
  13. check thermostat
  14. check heat anticipator
  15. check thermostat contacts
  16. check safety devices
  17. check fan control
  18. check limit control
  19. inspect heat exchanger for leaks
  20. inspect combustion chamber
  21. check blower wheel
  22. check blower motor and lube
  23. check for belt tension and align
  24. check and secure all panels
  25. check air filter
  26. check furnance wiring
  27. check noise & vibration levels
  28. check for combustible materials around furnance
  29. check for combustion air
  30. make final operations test
  31. advise improvements if needed
  32. check temperaure difference of supply & return air temperatures.

November special rates are good through 11/1-11/31/17

Any repairs or parts needed will be and additional cost. Customer will be informed of cost prior to work being performed.

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